Creative Learning and Play employs a Food Co-Ordinator whose duties includes providing nutritious and well balanced meals for the children and will cater for individual needs of the children. Meal times will provide positive learning experiences for the children who will be encouraged to develop healthy eating habits. Parents/guardians will be consulted and asked to share family and multicultural values and experiences to enrich the variety and enjoyment of food planned to meet each child’s daily nutritional needs. Educator’s sit with children at meal times to provide positive conversations. We provide morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack.

You are requested not to give your child such things as sweets, cool drinks, chips, etc to bring to the Centre

It is unnecessary to bring your own food unless pre-arranged with the Director. We ask that Parents please bring in pre-made bottles that are labelled and have a lid.

Please notify us if your child has a special diet (e.g. vegetarian or for medical or religious reasons). Under special circumstances, we will ask that you provide the food. We also need to know of allergies, etc.

The Daily Menu is displayed in the Foyer & Kitchen. Your input into the Centre Menu is welcome.

If your child’s has a birthday at the centre you are welcome to supply a birthday cake for the children to share. Due to health and safety regulations, we ask that you supply a packet cake/muffin mix that the staff can make with the children or bring in a shop bought cake with the ingredients listed and an expiry date.

We will provide candles and the children and educators will sing Happy Birthday and have a small party for your child.