At Creative Learning and Play, we provide a happy, home away from home environment for your children where every need is met.  We all love children – we have had many years experience, extensive training, and most importantly – we are all mum’s ourselves!  We will tend to all the children in our care by providing comfort, as well as fun and stimulating learning experiences.

Our Educators practise high levels of health and safety to protect your child, including hygiene and supervision.

The centre employs best practices as required by the Department of community Services. At least one educator on the premises at all times, will hold a current first aid certificate, and will be Anaphylaxis Trained and be emergency Asthma trained. All staff supply a health certificate and Working With Children Check before the commencement of employment.

The number of educators appointed to care for the children, depend on the children’s age and the quantity of children. As per child care regulations the educator to child ratios are: 1 educator to 4 children aged 0-2, 1 educator  to 5 children ages 2-3, and 1 educator to 10 children aged 3-6.

The Creative Learning and Play Centre has appointed a Nominated Supervising Officer who is in charge of the day to day running of the Centre. There is a list of other educators who hold a Certified Supervisor’s Certificate in the Foyer. If the Nominated Supervising Officer is not on the premises, then the most senior person holding the Certified Supervisor’s certificate will be placed in charge.

We provide student placements in the centre where we take on students from schools around the area to complete child care training and to gain experience with working with children. Only one student will be present in a room on any one day, and the students will never be left alone with the children. Students will complete tasks set by permanent staff in the room, including cleaning and child interactions.

Volunteers may be appointed by the service to assist with excursions. The volunteers will be parents of the children attending the service. If you are available to assist as volunteer on an excursion please inform staff on enrolment forms.