Goals and Aims


These goals for the children at the Creative Learning and Play Centre were developed by educators, families and management in order to meet the needs of a developmentally appropriate program plan for the Centre.

  • For children to be with a safe and challenging environment that promotes physical, social and intellectual development.
  • For children to experience a variety of developmentally appropriate experiences.
  • For children to develop at their own pace in a non-judgemental way.
  • For children to be given the opportunity to explore, manipulate and problem solve.
  • For children to be provided with an environment that clearly defined age / stage appropriate guidelines.
  • For children to be encouraged to settle differences in a socially acceptable manner.
  • For children to be listened to and given positive responses, which encourage and allow freedom of expression.
  • For children to feel safe and secure in their environment.
  • For children to be provided with an environment that promotes self-esteem and where they can experience success.
  • For children to develop positive relationships with parents, Educators and peers.
  • For children to be given the opportunity to socially interact with other children.
  • For children to respect and accept different races, religions, cultures and family lifestyles.
  • For children to accept each other as equals and individuals.
  • For children to be able to express themselves creatively.
  • For children to give and accept love.
  • For children with special needs to be given the opportunity to reach their full potential in an integrated setting.
  • For children to have the right to space and privacy.
  • For children to be provided with a healthy environment that promotes awareness of hygiene and nutrition.
  • For children to feel that they are a valued member of their family and community.
  • For child care to be an extension of the children’s home where parents can feel secure about leaving their children.


  • To develop each child to his/her full potential through a positive environment and appropriate activities in all areas of development (social, emotional, physical and intellectual).
  • To develop a positive self-concept in each child.
  • To provide each child with the same educational opportunities regardless of sex, religion or multicultural back ground.
  • To cater for each child’s individual needs.