Programs are developed for all children within the Centre under the guidance of the trained staff members and the approval of the Australian Children’s & Education Care Quality Authority.

The programs are based on the Centre philosophy, goals and aims as well as the individual child’s development, the Children’s interest and the overall needs of the group of children. We use the “Emergent Curriculum” programming method which is a flexible programme that is designed to accommodate your child’s interests and needs.

Emergent curriculum is a philosophy of teaching and way of planning curriculum that focuses on being responsive to children’s interests to create meaningful learning experiences. This philosophy prioritises active participation, relationship building, flexible and adaptable methods, inquiry, and play-based learning. Curriculum is child-initiated, collaborative and responsive to the children’s needs.

We base our programming on the Early Years Learning framework (EYLF) and National Quality Framework (NQF) The programme is done and reflected daily in each room and is designed to be fun, engaging, stimulating and educational. We welcome and appreciate parent involvement and feed back regarding our programmes!

To promote the theory of Being, Becoming and Belonging, our curriculum focuses on and promotes the Children:

  • Having a strong sense of identity
  • Having a connection with and contribute to the world around them
  • A natural sense of well being
  • Confidence and involvement in their learning
  • Effective communication skills

To find out more about the NQF please speak to one of our friendly Educators or visit the official website:


Our Educators collect the Learning Stories and Artwork for each child and collate them into each Child’s portfolio.
Our Programs are displayed in Each room on the Programming Boards along with learning stories for the week and are evaluated regularly. Please feel free to discuss the programme with the Educators at any time or make an appointment.